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[Breath] There are picture boxes below related to different services offered. Feel free to click on one to navigate down the page. Rock chip repair with prices starting at $59 and long crack repairs start at $69. Able Auto Glass replaces glass from the front to the back of vehicles, to include windshields, door, back, and all side windows on most vehicles. Work is performed at the shop by the owner as they do not use subcontractors. Call them today at 713-383-8055 Or, send a text to 832-413-2253.

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Auto Glass

Auto glass is essential to us, because this is our business. We choose to call our company Able, as being able to help you and so the name is Able Auto Glass. Able Auto Glass is located a few miles south of Downtown Houston, TX, near the Texas Medical Center and Reliant Stadium. We hope that we can help you with your auto glass replacement needs. Able Auto Glass also repairs the front windshield and replaces auto glass on cars, trucks, and vans.

Picture of a large rock chip in a windshield that we were able to do a windshield repair.  This rock chip photo was frame onto a laptop screen.

Windshield Repair

Other Names:

Rock Chip Repair, Chip Repair, Stone Chip Repair

Long Crack Repair, Windshield Chip Repair

Able Auto Glass replaced this 2016 Volkswagen Golf front windshield here at our shop.  
The brand of glass is PGW, which was made in Mexico by Vitro.  The DOT on the Glass is DOT 46.  The windshield image was frame onto a JVC TV screen.

Windshield Replacement

Other Names:

Front Window Glass, Window Shield Replacement

Windscreen Replacement, The Front Window of a Car

Door Glass
The photo is from an attempted break-in.  The laminated door glass prevented the theft from getting inside of 
this car.

Door Glass Replacement

Other Names:

Drivers Left Door Glass, Front Right Passengers Door Glass

Rear Drivers Side Door Glass, Rear Right Passengers Door Glass


Family-Owned and Operated

We're family-owned and operated located 2 blocks inside the 610 South Loop West, off Almeda Rd, near the Medical Center. We have over 30 years of experience repairing rock chips, 28 years of repairing long cracks on vehicle windshields, and nearly 22 years of knowledge replacing vehicle auto glass.

Our clients visit us from all parts of the city to have their work performed at our shop. An appointment is necessary, so please schedule one with us today!

Smash and Grab

Our customers have their vehicles broken into due to either vandalism or break-in, also called Smash and Grab. Some customer may have had the car, truck, or van auto glass window broken from a rock, road debris, and sometimes from even a lawnmower.

We have access to an extensive inventory of auto-car glass parts that enable us to offer our customers competitive auto glass prices. Read More +/-

Unfortunately glass particle will most likely disperse all throughout your vehicle when your car window glass is broken. When we replace your car window glass we will vacuum up almost all the broken glass on your car seat and floor as a courtesy. Once your door panel is removed we use a 6.5 Peak HP Shop Vac with 16 gallons to consume your broken car window door glass.

Most jobs take about 1 hour to complete with most of the time cleaning up the broken auto car door window broken glass.

We install new car window door glass to our customers. We will either purchase your auto glass from our local wholesalers for the best price for your car door glass. In some instances we will order your auto glass from the dealer upon your request. If your car window needs to be repaired or replaced please call us today for a free quote



About Us

About Us

Thank you for taking the time to read our site.
Deborah Black Hernandez made this String Art Boat back in the 1970's.  We now call it The Argonauts Ship.  
It is currently hanging on a wall in Austin, TX. The Argonauts Ship photo is Copyrighted.
The Argonauts Ship©

Argonauts Windshield Repair started repairing rock chips in 1992. Our customers wanted their windshields replaced, but we did not offer this service. After hearing so many complaints about faulty installations, we could not endorse other companies' workmanship quality.

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In 2000, we formed a spin-off company called Able Auto Glass to serve our existing customer base better. Able Auto Glass in Houston, TX focused on replacing the front windshield, door glass, quarter glass, vent glass, and back glass. Also, we added side view mirror replacement and motor/regulator replacement.

Our parent company Argonauts Windshield Repair continues to provide the highest quality rock chip repairs in Houston, Texas, using tinted resins manufactured by Here at Able Auto Glass, the owner not only operates the business but also installs glass and repairs the front windshield. Able Auto Glass does not use subcontractors for glass replacements or repairs.

The photo is of a window regulator which carries the door glass inside the door panel.  
The regulator broke as the retainer clamp has broken off the carriage.

Window Regulator

Other Phrases:

The glass fell into the door, Window Motor not Working

The Cables Broken, Window Came Off Track, Whining Noise

Side auto glass on a Toyota 4-Runner. Different glass parts: Door Glass, Quarter Glass, Sliding Cargo Door Glass, 
Vent Glass, Window Glass on a 2001 Toyota 4Runner

Side Auto Glass


Auto Glass, Busted Window, Door Glass, Quarter Glass

Sliding Cargo Door Glass, Vent Glass, Window Glass

Someone nicked the back cover and glass mirror of the passenger door glass mirror.  
The client was new to Houston, TX from Michigan, and stayed at a hotel when somebody stole the mirror parts. The car is silver, and the mirror is black that had a silver backing.

Side View Mirror

Other Names:

Back Mirror, Broken Mirror, Door Mirror

Mirror Plate, Mirror Backing Side Mirror, Wing Mirror

A Oswego School of Business coffe cup sitting ontop of a AGRR Magazine July August 2019 
issue with a Equalizer Rain Sensor Level Part number RSK330 in the back ground.
Now you're here.

Windshield Replacement

At Able Auto Glass, trained by the NGA, Dow™ Automotive Chemical, which is currently named Dupont™, and currently licensed by the City of Houston, Link ↗ TX to repair and replace auto glass, quality components, and materials that we back wholly.

We also use two people to set every windshield and most rear window replacements for better placement, a more accurate fit, and a uniform seal. Safety, quality craftsmanship, and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere are top priorities here at Able Auto Glass of Houston, TX.

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Windshield Replacement Q & A

Windshield Replacement Q & A

The year, make, and model of your vehicle? If you are not sure, check on your insurance card, and the driver's side door jam will show the year. The model and submodel type typically located on either the rear or side of your vehicle.

Well do you have any of these attachments on your windshield?

  1. Blue Shade or band that runs along the top of your windshield horizontally about 6 inches below the roof.
  2. Black Dots called a Third Visor Frit around your rearview mirror.
  3. Condensation Sensor, Light Sensor, Rain Sensor.
  4. Heated - there will be grayish, orange or reddish horizontal lines near the base of your windshield wipers.
  5. Has your windshield ever been replaced before?

No, all windshield replacements are performed here at our shop. It is in a controlled environment out of the elements of rain, snow, sun, and wind.

Depending on the type of vehicle you drive, it may take 2.5 to 4.5 hours to replace, including the Safe-Drive-Away-Time. Luxury cars, MPVs, and SUVs seem to take the latter time about 4.5 hours due to extra windshield attachments.

The time it takes for your vehicle to drive safely after the windshield replacement. There are a handful of urethane manufactures, and they all carry different brands. Each urethane brand will have there own SDAT, so be sure to ask.

Here at Able Auto Glass in Houston, TX, we document the time the glass is set and only use BetaSeal Xpress30 with a 30-minute SDAT. The industry term for Safe-Drive-Away-Time is SDAT.

If you were in an auto accident before the SDAT, your front windshield could pop out. And, in case of a roller over the roof could crush. The windshield could move if driven, causing future air and or water leaks. Some auto glass companies will put blue or other colored painters tape to hold the windshield in place while curing.

Should you not use our company, make sure you DO NOT DRIVE your vehicle until the urethane has reached the SDAT.

Our auto glass technician was certified by the National Auto Glass Association, also known as the NGA. Able Auto Glass has certifications by different urethane manufacturers. If you visit our shop, we have them posted on the wall in the front office. The urethane that we use now was called Dow™. BETASEAL Xpress30, which we were certified to use.

There has been a name change from Dow™ to DuPont™, which occurred in the last quarter of 2019. Dow™ and DuPont™ merged, and there is no change in the formula in their urethane products.

While we cannot say much about "In House Certification," the National Auto Glass Association was an industry-recognized organization.

We offer a lifetime warranty water against leakage when rust is not present on the pinch weld or near the seal.

We use a heat gun and a sharp razor blade after the windshield removal from the vehicle, we can transfer the E-Z Tag without damage. We can transfer almost all other window stickers as long as they are not damaged.

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We accept Amazon Credit Card, American Express, Apple Pay, Cash, Discover, Google Pay, Master Card, PayPal, Samsung Pay, or Visa. Also, accepting NFC or Contactless Credit Cards

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Many new vehicles have safety packages with attachments made into or onto the front windshield. If, by chance, you have any of these listed below, please click on the checkbox to escalate your quote.

Learn More about rain sensors.

When activated, windshield wipers will operate when rainwater touches the windshield over the rain sensor.

Rain sensors are located in different places on the windshield, depending on the vehicle. The place to look for the sensor is near the left or right of the rear-view mirror. Sometimes they're located behind the rear-view mirror. The rain sensor is a transparent gel pad that is visible from the outside of the vehicle. The color ranges from light white, burgundy, reddish, and blue, surrounded by a black border.

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*Windshield Replacement Specials

Don't see your vehicle listed here? Click here to request a windshield replacement quote.⇧

*Our listed prices on this page are subject to change without prior notice due to current supply, fuel prices, material prices, or unforeseen economic circumstances. Please call, text or email to confirm the price. Prices do not include rust removal if present or any damage from previous installations.

We Never Use Subcontractors

  • Ford F-Series
  • 2015-2021
  • Part Number → DW02131GTY
  • SoundScreen Acoustic Glass – Link ↗
  • Interchange
  • DW02354GTY
  • OEM Ford $449
    Best Fit
  • Aftermarket Part #
  • DW02153GTY or GBY
  • Aftermarket $309
  • Picture of the label aka the BUG on the lower portion of the front windshield. 
    DW02131GTY interchange DW02354GTY OEM Carlite/Carlex Ford Brand.  Glass is Acoustic.
  • Text for details
  • Why Us?
  • Appointment Only
  • Inside Installation
  • On all Jobs
  • Dupont Xpress30
  • 30-Minute SDAT
  • 2 Person Set
    for better placement.
  • Prime Pinchweld
  • Save Stickers & E-Tag
  • Lifetime Warranty Against Leakage
  • Picture of Able Auto Glass in Houston, TX  business card over a flyer of Dupont Xpress30 that 
    has a 30-minute Safe-Drive-Away-Time after the glass is set onto the body.
  • Click to Email
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • 2011-2017
  • Wrangler JK
  • 2018
  • Jeep Grille
  • DW01881GTN
  • OEM Mopar® $369
    Best Fit
  • Aftermarket Part #
  • DW01668GTN
  • Aftermarket $269
  • Label on the windshield with the part number DW01881GTN Made in the USA for now. Brand OEM Mopar
  • Click-2-Call

Video: Removing an EZ Tag

Do you want a Free EZ TAG?

Yes, you're entitled to up eight Free EZ TAGs at no cost. With a current Harris County Toll Road Authority Account, including replacements from a new front windshield here at Able Auto Glass. After that, they will only cost $2.00 each. Click here for more information. The link opens in a new window.

"Saving an EZ Tag."

See Transcript: +

By Chris Hernandez with Able Auto Glass in Houston, TX. We are going to remove this EZ-TAG while using a heat gun to heat the windshield up. I just heated the windshield up before turning the camera on. Using a sharp razor blade around the edges to loosen the adhesive. This windshield was hit by a baseball at Rice University parking lot.

The windshield is very hot. We don't suggest you to do this at home. Unless you want to get the tips of your fingers burned. Okay what I am doing now is bending the corners inward and folding the EZ-TAG.

I am going to walk over to the windshield, the other windshield that it will be placed on. Placing it on here and smoothing it out evenly. That is it on saving on EZ-TAG here at Able Auto Glass in Houston, TX.

Video: Windshield Warning


"Life in Danger."

Read Transcript: +

And welcome back now with the amount of time Houstonians spent in their cars a windshield like this is pretty much a common sight. Oh, things like scratches cracks dings, you name it, but what you may not know when you go to have it replaced. If it's not done correctly you could be putting your life in danger.

In tonight's Nights Beat Extra consumer investigator Emily Aiken with a "Windshield Warning" and what you need to know to protect yourself. You may think that your windshield is just a piece of glass to keep the wind out of your face. Wrong the windshield accounts for fifty percent of the structural integrity of your vehicle.

So, if your windshield isn't properly installed, you have less of a chance of surviving something like this. In the event of a rollover, the windshield could pop out. Which causes the roof to cave in and to the airbags do not have something to deflect off of because they use the windshield for deflection.

Sherry Bloom had her windshield replaced recently. She thought when she drove it out of the repair lot; she was in great shape. She wasn't five minutes on the road; her windshield began to crack. Sitting there driving 55 miles an hour and watching a crack go right across your windshield as you're driving isn't you know it's pretty frightening. It turns out the installer had sealed it too tightly.

Stacey Crumley needed a new windshield because his old one had too many cracks, but when the installer came to put in the new one, Stacey discovered the old windshield hadn't been installed properly. Water had gotten in and rusted the car frame.

I'm going to show you right up here at the top that you have a little bit of rust. Chris Hernandez installs windshield and sees mistakes all the time. If the customers in an accident, it can cause the windshield to pop out. Stacy says he had no idea he had been driving with an unsafe windshield. No, I wouldn't know if they installed it correctly or incorrectly.

And with was so much relying on your windshield you need to know it's been replaced correctly. First of all, a quick job may not be the best job if the windshield is installed in 20 minutes. There are usually some shortcuts that have been taken. Secondly, make sure you let your new windshield dry some urethane require one-hour; other urethanes take two or three hours. They could be as much as 24 hours to cure.

And, finally, experts recommend using original equipment manufacturers glass you can tell by the bug imprinted on the windshield. I'm Emily Aiken. I'm on your side.

Alright, two things to do before you turn your car over to any repair shop. First of all, make sure you research the company and always always always check references. Well, it's going to happen with you when you drive in Houston, it's going to happen at least once, no doubt okay, thanks.

Temper glass broke into and replaced here at Able Auto Glass in Houston, TX
Is your door open?

Broken Door Glass?

The photo above is a laminated glass made like the front windshield. The one on the left is tempered glass like most auto glass parts will break into little pea-size pieces upon impact. If you have a broken door glass, make sure you do not operate the glass motor by going up or down.

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Door Window Glass

The door glass is considered a glass next to either the driver or any passenger seat. This window will roll up or down when it's not broken. If it's broken, make sure you DO NOT OPERATE THE WINDOW SWITCH MOTOR of the broken window. Doing so may damage the window regulator or carriage the window rides on during operation.

So if you're scanning this page, make sure you read that last sentence above.


The front door windows never come as privacy tint from the manufacture. This option is only available on any glass located behind the driver's seat. So if the door glass cracks or seems to stay together, you most likely have a laminated door glass. The glass should be stamped with the word Laminated or AS1 if it's laminated.

The next type of door glass, back glass, quarter glass, and vent windows is Tempered Glass. When Tempered Glass breaks, it will break into little pea-size pieces.

To determine the glass's color, I'd suggest laying a piece of a broken door glass on a white paper. The two colors are Green Tint, that's right; it's not clear but has a green shade to the glass which is similar in color to the front windshield or Privacy Tint, this glass is dark in color.

The location of the glass is as follow, as you're sitting in the vehicle.

  1. Front Drivers Side is the Front Left Door Glass
  2. Front Passenger Side is the Front Right Door Glass
  3. Rear Drivers Side is the Rear Left Door Glass
  4. Rear Passenger Side is the Rear Right Door Glass

Hopefully, the information above will help you when you call or email to get an auto glass price quote.

For example, if you needed two different door glass, the front right passenger door and the door glass behind the driver's front seat.

You would say, "I need the front right door glass, laminated. We also need the rear left door glass, which is dark privacy tint."

A window regulator is a device that carries the window up 
and down when in operation. Most vehicles today window regulators are made with a metal frame, plastic pulleys, plastic retainers where the glass attaches to, and a motor.
Don't go down.

Window Regulator

A window regulator is a device that carries the window up and down when in operation. Most vehicles today window regulators are made with a metal frame, plastic pulleys, plastic retainers where the glass attaches to, and a motor.

Window doesn't work?
Learn Why +/-

Window Fallen?

We have clients that call and say, "Their window came off the track." This happening is very rare, and in most of the cases, the window has just fallen inside the door.

If the glass is not the original, the attachment may have separated from the glass, causing it to tilt forwards or backward when in motion. You can reach out to the auto glass manufacture to see if they will warranty their glass product. We suggest in situations like this, to replace the window with a new part.

If you can hear a whining noise or a spinning sound when you operate the window switch, then most likely, the cable that carries the window has dislodged from the plastic pulley. The sound you're hearing is the motor gears as it spins without the cable. Sometimes, when the cable breaks, it will lock-up the motor or limit the door glass's motion when operating the window switch.

Today, window regulators are readily available to buy online and at places like AutoZone and O'Reilly Auto Parts locally for typically half the price you would pay at the dealership. We refer clients to, where they offer free shipping and are typically cheaper, but the delivery times vary from a few days to a week.

Our starting labor cost to install most non-luxury vehicle regulators is $75, but prices can vary from vehicle to vehicle. Some automobiles have a metal-shield or molded fiberboard with either an integrated module with the window regulator attached or bolted onto it. These are a bit more complicated and most likely cost more to install.

Feel free to reach out to us either by a phone call, an email or send us a text message.

Able Auto Glass replaced a side cargo 
sliding door glass on this Mini Van.   This photo is with the client and the owner of Able Auto Glass in Houston, TX.  The glass was dark privacy tint.
Which one?

Back Glass, Side Auto Glass, Quarter, & Vent Glass

Some people call them back window shields, back windows, rear windshield, and a back windshield, for the name of the rear glass of the vehicle. But the correct term used in the auto glass industry is back glass.

Which auto glass do you have?
Learn More +/-

Two Colors Privacy & Green Tint

There are two colors available on most backglasses: dark privacy tint color or a green tint that some people consider clear. There are heated or no heat, and some even have radio antennas integrated into the back glass.

A client called today needing a back glass replaced due to the rear window defroster damaged during window tint removal. I found this company online and thought I'd share it online too. Frost Fighter window defroster repair kit.

Truck Back Glass

Read More +/-

Truck back windows come in two options with a slider in which the center will be one or two windows. If the back glass is the original and not an aftermarket, the center windows might be available to replace. To check to see if the window is the original, look for the glass stamped logo on the glass. It will be in one of the lower corners of the back glass. Click here to see the Bug/Logo what they look like on the front windshield.

Some people call and say, "My side window next to the sliding window is broke on my slider. Can you replace this glass?" Glass manufacturers do not make the glass in that particular configuration, but only as a whole piece.

SUV and Hatchbacks Back Glass

Read More +/-

A rear spoiler is typically attached to the liftgate above the window. The spoiler may encompass the backup and or the brake lighting. Sometimes the rear wiper fluid sprayer is also made into the spoiler. We may need to know if you have a spoiler on your hatchback, MPV, or SUV. Spoiler barely touched the top glass surface and must be carefully removed.

If you need new shocks to hold the liftgate up, now would be an excellent time to purchase new ones and have the installer install them for you. In most cases, they're pretty simple to install. May not require additional labor charges.

Vent Glass

Read More +/-

These windows may and may not pop open like in the older vehicles. They can be located on the front or back doors of newer automobiles and do not open. They typically do open on SUVs, trucks, and vans if located near the back glass, but may open if near the front door glass.

The shape of these vent windows are triangular. Some come as a single glass piece and others with a molding that encapsulates the window. The latter typically costs as it's more expensive to manufacture. The window next to the vent glass must be able to be lowered before the replacement.

Quarter Glass

Read More +/-

A quarter glass does not move up or down but may open and close when operated. These are similar to the vent glass but the location of the quarter glass varies per vehicle. Here are some examples:

  1. 2 door coupe it's located in the back seat
  2. 2 door pick-up truck it's located in the back seat
  3. 4 door sedan it's located behind the passengers door on the body.
  4. MPV, SUV or Utitily Vehicle is the last glass just in front of the back glass on the sides
  5. Van is the last glass on the sides located in the cargo area. This is not to be confused with the sliding cargo door or any door that opens

A photo of the damaged window will come in handy.

A passenger side door glass mirror on a black car. 
There is is a reflection of the broken glass on the mirror reflecting from the door glass.
Can you see through the mirror?

Side Mirror

The side view mirror is also known as the wing mirror, attaches to the door panel. They're there to assist the driver while driving. These days it's pretty easy to purchase aftermarket mirors either online through websites like Amazon and eBay. We refer our clients to, where they have free shipping and no sales tax.

Read More +/-

Broken Mirror?

It may be convenient to buy locally at an auto parts place like AutoZone and O'Reilly Auto Parts. The new mirrors with the blind-spot detection system may only be purchased from the dealership and recalibrated after installation at the dealership.

 This picture is courtesy of, where they sell mirrors to the public.

If you need to replace the broken mirror glass part, we suggest purchasing from

The labor cost to replace the side view mirror on most cars, trucks, and vans on average range from $25 to $75 per installation. We may need to see a photo of the mirror and the door panel to offer an exact price quote.

Here is a picture of a person's thumb holding a quarter next to a rock chip.  
The rock chip is on the lower portion of the windshield.
Windshield Repair.

Windshield Repair

We repair rock chips as small as a pea to as large as a 25 cent piece, and Long Cracks up to 12 inches, or 30.48 centimeters, can be repaired by us.

See our frequently asked questions below and repair prices for rock chip repair and long crack repair on front windshields below the answers.


FAQ Rock Chip & Long Crack Repair

Rock Chip Repair

Rock Chip Repair FAQ.

A rock chip is usually round or star shaped and may have lines radiating from the center. It has a black or silver color to it. Hint: If your rock chip looks like a white speck in the glass and has no dark areas, then this should not be repaired. It is only a nick.

Usually, a rock chip appears after a rock or other flying road debris hits your windshield.

In almost all cases, you should have it repaired unless the rock chip is in the driver's line of sight, is over one year old. After the rock chip appears, do not put anything on the windshield except water or window cleaner.

Products like cleansers, rain repellents, soap, baby oil, foreign chemicals, glue, garlic juice, vinegar, and fingernail polish, may repeal the windshield repair resin. Thus, hampering a successful rock chip repair in your front windshield.

We can repair rock chips from the size of a Pea up to the size of a Quarter. Sometimes up to the size of a Silver Dollar. As long as the glass missing from the center of the rock chip is less than the end of a pencil eraser, we can do the rock chip repair if you can text us a photo of the chip.

Your rock chip should become noticeably clearer when repaired. However, clarity depends on the size, age, amount of glass missing from the center, and the quantity of fragmented glass within the break.

Note: Chemicals applied to the rock chip may prevent the windshield repair resin from adhering to the glass.

The possibility of your rock chip forming into a crack is greater now if not repaired. But if you repair the rock chip before it turns into a crack, it will not spread under normal conditions.

A rock chip could form a crack if there is a drastic change in temperature (ex. washing your car on a scorching hot day with cold water) or if internal or external stress occurs to the windshield.

In May thru September, the sun UV Rays are at its strongest here in Houston, TX. If your windshield has gotten wet please, allow your vehicle to set in direct sunlight for 3 hours before bringing it in for a repair. The rest of the year may take several days to a week, depending on the weather.

Please note there is always a chance your chip can spread into a crack while drying in the sunlight.

When water mixes with windshield repair resin, it will cause a chemical reaction and turn white like milk. This spot will stay in the windscreen forever.

If there is a little bit of water in the rock chip, the resin may not fill in the rock chip.

A dime-sized rock chip typically takes about 30 minutes but could take an hour depending on the individual rock chip.

Larger chips can take up to an hour or two to complete.

  • If it is smaller than a Dime (10¢), it would cost ($59.95)
  • Nickle (5¢) to Quarter (25¢) Size ($65.95)
  • Anything larger repairable would cost ($69.95).

See the pricing table below for additional prices for multiple repairs.

Should a crack spread further than the original endpoints, we will issue a full refund upon a visual inspection.

The warranty is in effect as long as the present owner continues to own the vehicle that we repaired the windshield.

Long Crack Repair

A crack in the windscreen looks like a black or silver thin line in your windshield.

Most repairable cracks form when a rock hits within an inch or two from the glass's edge. When the windshield is Hot, and Coldwater or cold air from your air conditioner comes in contact with the windshield, it may cause thermal expansion, causing the rock chip to turn into a crack.

The opposite is true. When the windshield is Cold (ex. ice on the windscreen), and Hot water or Hot air from your Heater/Defroster comes in contact with an unrepaired rock chip, a crack may form.

You should have your crack repaired if you would like to retain your windshield's integrity. Having your windshield repaired is your preference. It could save you hundreds of dollars over replacement. Your crack will most likely continue to grow if left alone.

A rule of thumb: if you expect your cracked windshield repair to disappear entirely or your damage is within the driver's field of vision, we recommend replacement as soon as possible.

If your primary concern is to keep it from spreading and you would like to improve the visibility, you should have it repaired. The best time to have your crack repaired is within the first two weeks after it forms. The best repairs are new, never washed with soap or wiper fluid.

The longest crack we can repair depends upon the size of your windshield. We stop at 12 inches on most windshields. The impact point needs to be the size of a dime with minimal lines coming out of the chip.

When standing at the front of the hood or bonnet, your crack should become less noticeable, looking at the windshield. However, clarity depends on the size, age, amount of glass missing, and the quantity of fragmented glass within the break.

Note: chemicals applied to the crack may prevent the windshield repair resin from adhering to the glass.

In most conditions, the damage is unnoticeable, or you may see a hairline above and below the area.

There is a small possibility your crack may continue to grow or reopen after the repair. The chances will increase if you apply an extreme change in temperature to the front windshield. Examples would include washing the front windshield on a Houston, TX hot summer day like in August after the vehicle has been sitting in the sun all day. The water applied to the windshield is considerably cooler than the surface of the front auto glass. Cold-water on a hot windshield may cause a repaired crack to open.

Or, on a cold winter night, your windshield freezes over with ice. You attempt to remove the ice by turning the defrost on high heat, and the windshield repair crack will most likely open.

Should this happen, we still guarantee the work and stop the crack from spreading further within the warranty period. *Please see the warranty question below.

If your windshield has gotten wet please, allow your vehicle to sit in direct sunlight for 3 hours before bringing it in for a repair; the best time of the year is from May thru September. During those months, the sun UV Rays radiate some intense UV Rays. The rest of the year, your windshield rock chip or crack may take several days to a week, depending on the temperature and the humidity here in Houston, TX.

Please note there is always a chance your cracked windshield can spread into a further while drying in the sunlight.

When water mixes with windshield repair resin, it will cause a chemical reaction and turn white like milk. This spot will stay in the windscreen forever.

If there is a little bit of water in the crack, the resin may not fill into the tip.

Typically, it takes about 45 minutes to an hour depending on the individual crack repair.

Under 6 inches, then the cost is ($69.95). Anything over 6" and less than 12" for (74.95).

Most insurance companies will waive your deductible if the crack is under six inches, which is the length of a one-dollar bill, not in the drivers' direct field of vision, and with full insurance coverage. See Crack Repair Prices

WARRANTY FOR LONG CRACKS Should the crack spread past the endpoint, we offer a full refund for the first 30 days or attempt to stop the damage again.

The remainder of 11 months, we'll issue either a 50% refund should the crack spread past the endpoint or attempt to stop the damage again at the customers' discretion.


Windshield Repair Prices
Rock Chip Repair Prices

Rock Chip Repair

See Long Crack Repair below rock chip repair.

Sizes are in USA Coins

  • S-M
  • Dime Size
  • 10¢=18mm
  • Less Than
  • Nickel
  • $59.95
  • Text
  • M-L
  • Nicke Sizel
  • 5¢=21mm
  • Less Than
  • Quarter
  • $64.95
  • Call
  • L-XL
  • Quarter Size
  • 25¢=24mm
  • Less Than
  • Silver Dollar
  • $69.95
  • Email

Add'l chip prices vary by size

Starting at $25

(Max. 3) per vehicle.

Accepting major credit and debit cards, and most insurance companies *waive deductibles for windshield repairs.

*Some stipulations apply call or text for details


Long Crack Prices

Long Crack Repair Prices

Crack Choose your crack length (″ =) Inches

  • 6" or Less
  • Less than $1
  • A $1 bill ≈
  • 6" or 15 cm
  • Small Crack
  • $69.95
  • Text
  • 12" or Less
  • Less than 2 Pens
  • 2 Ink Pens ≈
  • 12" or 30 cm
  • Big Crack
  • $74.95
  • Call
  • 12"or More
  • More than
  • 2 Ink Pens ≈
  • 12" or 30 cm
  • Wow Crack
  • Replace
  • Email

$1 bill ≅ 6" or 15 cm

Equal to

Ink Pen, US 1 Dollar Bill, Eyeglasses, Sunglasses

Accepting major credit and debit cards, and most insurance companies *waive deductibles for windshield repairs.

*some stipulations apply call or text for details

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Temper glass broke into and replaced here at Able Auto Glass in Houston, TX
What does OEE really mean?

Is OEE is it the same?

2 minute read:

People always ask, is this auto glass the same as what I have now? We ask them what do they mean? Most people say, "Is this auto glass the same thickness, color, and markings as my existing auto glass in my vehicle? You know, OEE?" Well, my come-back is, what does OEE mean?

Click here to see what OEE really means.

I am not sure, but a few years back, the abbreviation OEE became coined. As it stuck, other companies started writing about this and posting on their websites. The real meaning of Original Equipment Equivalence is a play on the words, and most people don't think about the real meaning.

Let's break the words down of OEE.
  • O stands for the original, which means the first, not a copy. It's only original once.
  • E stands for equipement
  • The last E stands for equivalent, which means it is equal to all values.

There is no way that aftermarket glass or dealership purchased glass is the original glass currently in your vehicle. It really should be AES. "AES," which would stand for Aftermarket Equipment that is Similar to what you have now. We don't want the last S to mean the same.

The "The Same" is another phrase that people like to say all the time. "The Same" means equal to, which would mean equivalent. You just read that equivalent means equal. So we cannot purchase a new glass and call it the same glass as you have now. And OEE doesn't mean what the acronym stands for either.

Temper glass broke into and replaced here at Able Auto Glass in Houston, TX
Dangers of mobile service?

Mobile service is it right for you?

One common question that we asked is if we offer mobile auto glass replacement. Some people think of this as they do with free pizza delivery. Auto glass companies that offer mobile auto glass service may charge a delivery fee or mobile fee to help offset fuel and vehicle operating costs. We do not offer mobile auto glass replacement as the best windshield replacement is performed inside out of the weather elements.

Water Leak?

We had a client call the other day that had another company replaced their front windshield in the past, and the first rain, they had a water leak. At first, they gave her the runaround and then later didn't return her phone calls. I am not saying mobile-only auto glass repair and auto glass replacement companies are all the same. You want to make sure if you need warranty work, they'll respond. On that note, make sure you do your due diligence.

What about other auto services?

A windshield repairman or repairwoman should only do a windshield repair undercover as windshield repair resin is sensitive to ultra-violet light. Should the windshield repair resin come in contact with the sunlight, it may start to cure prematurely. The other issue is in the summertime, windshields heat-up in the sun. Having a windshield repair on a hot windshield has a greater chance of failure and forming into a crack during the repair process.

I've been to places where it was raining on one side of the street and not the other many times over the years. With all the buildings and trees in Houston, TX, you may not see the rainstorm till it's too late. Having your front windshield repaired or having the windshield replaced outside, not undercover, is not always a good idea in Houston, TX. If the only option of having your windshield repaired outside, I'd recommend a tent for starters, and there is no chance of rain, a shady tree will suffice.

If you have a little extra time to read this below.

Someone told me that they found us online by typing "auto glass near me," even though they were in Katy, TX. I told them a few years ago we bought the domain name And, if you're reading this, the domain is available for sale or lease. Everything is for sale if you think about it long enough. I once sold the shirt off my back to someone that wanted it more than I did.

Anyway, I thought "auto glass near me," was the right name because everyone wants one when in need and searches for an auto glass shop near them. Oh! Maybe, I should look to see if is available, and it is through Most likely, I will be creating a directory listing on the page Hopefully, to help other auto glass shops around the United States and abroad, share the term auto glass near me is searched. If you're an auto glass shop reading this right now, send me an email, and I'll add you to the list for the term auto glass near me and place you onto the website

I've had clients ask us over the years if we offer 24-hour auto glass repair in Houston. I tried it about 24 years ago and was woken up quite a bit in the middle of the night. So, the answer is that we do not offer 24-hour auto glass repair or replacement service. Our hours are from 10-7 PM Monday thru Friday and some weekends.

Right to Choose!
Do you have full auto glass insurance?

Auto Insurance and Auto Glass Insurance Coverage.

It's essential to consider your specific circumstances carefully and consult your auto insurance agent or agency before deciding. In some cases, using auto insurance for a windshield replacement can be a better choice, especially if the replacement cost is significantly higher than your deductible or if you have full auto glass coverage that may not impact your premiums. Ultimately, the decision should be based on your financial situation and auto insurance policy terms.

Disclaimer related to Auto Insurance The following information is the owner's opinion of Able Auto Glass and may not reflect your or any insurance company. Therefore, you may need to contact your auto insurance company to confirm anything written below.


Click on the x button in the top right corner to close the current tab:



Why is it better to pay out of pocket than use your auto insurance for a auto glass replacement?

Read more about paying out-of-pocket.
  1. Paying out of pocket: For a windshield or auto glass replacement instead of using your auto insurance may be a better option. Still, it depends on various factors, including your insurance policy deductible, financial situation, and replacement cost. Here are some reasons why some people might choose to pay out of pocket:
  2. Deductible Costs: If your auto insurance policy has a deductible, you must pay that amount before your auto insurance coverage kicks in. If the windshield or auto glass replacement cost is lower than your deductible, it makes more sense to pay out of pocket because your insurance won't cover any of the expenses.
  3. Avoiding Premium Increases: Some people are concerned that making a claim for a windshield or auto glass replacement might increase their insurance premiums. Insurance companies may consider comprehensive claims (which often cover windshield damage) when calculating your future premiums. If the replacement cost is manageable for you, avoiding a claim could help keep your premiums from rising.
  4. High Insurance Rates: If you have a history of making claims or if your insurance rates are already high, you should avoid making another claim for a relatively minor expense like a windshield replacement. Paying for it yourself may be more cost-effective in the long run.
  5. Auto Glass Repair vs. Auto Glass Replacement: Sometimes, minor windshield damage can be repaired rather than replaced. If the damage is within the repairable limits and you can pay for the repair out of pocket, it might be a more economical choice than filing an insurance claim, which could increase your premiums.
  6. Future Coverage Needs: If you anticipate needing to file a more significant insurance claim soon, such as for an accident or significant damage, you should conserve your auto insurance coverage for those situations. Paying for the windshield or auto glass replacement out of pocket lets you keep your insurance intact for more critical needs.
  7. Nondisclosure: In some cases, individuals may choose to pay out of pocket to avoid having a claim on their insurance record. Not having an auto insurance claim can be beneficial when shopping for new insurance or when concerned about the impact of claims on their record.

Read more about our conclusion.

It's essential to consider your specific circumstances carefully and consult your auto insurance agent or agency before deciding. In some cases, using insurance for a windshield replacement can be a better choice, especially if the replacement cost is significantly higher than your deductible or if you have full auto glass coverage that doesn't impact your premiums.

Ultimately, the decision should be based on your financial situation and auto insurance policy terms.


Comprehensive Coverage

What does other than collision cover on your insurance policy?

Read more about auto glass coverage.

"Other than collision" coverage, also known as "comprehensive" coverage, is a type of insurance coverage that provides protection for your vehicle in situations other than collisions with another vehicle.

It typically covers a wide range of perils and events that can damage or result in the loss of your vehicle. These events may include:

  1. Theft: If your vehicle is stolen, comprehensive coverage can help cover the cost of replacing or repairing it.
  2. Vandalism: Damage caused by vandalism, such as graffiti or broken windows, is covered under comprehensive insurance.
  3. Fire: If your vehicle is damaged or destroyed by a fire, comprehensive coverage will help pay for repairs or a replacement.
  4. Natural disasters: Comprehensive coverage often includes protection against damage caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and hailstorms.
  5. Falling objects: Damage caused by objects falling on your vehicle, such as tree branches, rocks, or debris, is typically covered.
  6. Animal collisions: Comprehensive coverage can help pay for repairs if you hit an animal, such as a deer, and your vehicle is damaged.
  7. Auto glass breakage: Includes repairing or replacing cracked windshields, shattered door glass, side windows, and auto glass parts, hail damage, sandblasted windshield, cracks in the windshield too long to repair.
  8. Damage from civil disturbances: Auto glass damage from civil disturbances like riots, protests, or civil unrest may be covered.
  9. Theft of vehicle parts: If parts of your vehicle, such as the stereo system or tires, are stolen, comprehensive coverage can help with replacement costs.
  10. Damage from missiles or explosions: Damage caused by explosions or missiles, such as objects flying into your vehicle, is typically covered.

See our conclusion on insurance coverage

It's important to note that comprehensive coverage is optional and is typically purchased as part of an auto insurance policy alongside liability and collision coverage. The cost of comprehensive coverage can vary depending on factors such as your vehicle's value, year of your car, your deductible (the amount you pay out of pocket before insurance kicks in), and your location.

Comprehensive coverage is valuable because it protects many non-collision-related risks that can lead to significant expenses. It's significant for valuable vehicles or at risk of theft or damage from natural disasters, as this is true if you live or work in Houston, TX.


Why Pay

Why Pay for the damages.

Auto insurance, if you're reading this, consider yourself lucky.

Why are you lucky? Most people skim or skip valuable content. Before calling that 1-800 or 888 phone number on your auto insurance card, I'd suggest calling your insurance agent or agency for advice. If it is after-hours, look on your auto insurance policy for other than collision or comprehensive coverage amount. Major insurance companies have apps you can download to check coverage and make auto glass claims.

You might regret it later if you call your auto insurance 800 or 888 phone number without checking with your auto insurance agency or using the app. Most auto insurance claim representatives will count this as an auto glass claim whether you are covered or not, even if you change your mind.

Here is a good example below:

Our experience: Read More

My wife called our 1-800 number to our then insurance company many years ago. She told them she ran over a large plastic bag, and now our truck was making a loud noise while driving. Come to find out, it was nothing serious, and it had wrapped itself around the axile, and I removed it quickly. She asked the CSR to cancel the claim she had just made. They said it was too late, and it was their company policy whenever a client calls in any auto damage to, count it as an auto glass claim.

That was the year I had a City of Houston, Texas, HPD officer run into the back of my Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. I was driving northbound on Riceville School Rd, approaching a stop sign at West Belfort on the southwest side of town in Houston, TX. It didn't help that it was drizzling outside; the roads were slippery, and a teenager ran into him, forcing him to hit my truck. No one was hurt, and the damage was superficial, but it was on a brand-new truck. Even though this wasn't my fault, the auto insurance company counted it as an auto claim.

The same year, I used Tripple A, aka AAA, an add-on to our insurance policy, to get towed off the freeway due to a flat tire in the rain. In Houston, TX, changing a flat tire on the freeway is hazardous, much less changing one in the rain. Believe it or not, this counted as an auto claim. Go figure!

Later that year, I was driving westbound on Beechnut Street at 610, turning under the freeway onto the feeder on a protective green light, when an elderly lady hit my truck, taking a right turn onto the feeder.

I did call my auto insurance agent to inform him what had transpired in the auto accident. It wasn't my fault either, but this was the fourth claim for the year. We received a letter from our then-insurance company stating that our premiums would increase for any more auto claims, which would stay on our record for a year. We left that company and went to another auto insurance carrier the following year.

The summary of the story is to call your agent/agency for advice whenever practical before making an auto claim. If you're pondering making an auto glass claim and you find out your comprehensive deductible amount. Call, text us, or fill out our quote form on this page to determine how much it will cost. Filing an auto glass claim might be advantageous depending on your deductible amount for auto glass repair or auto glass replacement.

Thank you for reading.



Click on the x button in the top right corner to close the current tab:



TPA see how they handle auto glass claims.

TPA's are typically involved in the auto glass industry:
  1. Claims Processing: TPAs are responsible for handling the administrative tasks associated with auto glass claims for insurance companies. This includes receiving claims, verifying policy information, and determining coverage.
  2. Network Management: Many TPAs maintain a network of preferred auto glass repair shops and vendors. They negotiate contracts with these service providers and ensure that they meet certain quality and pricing standards.
  3. Dispatching Services: TPAs may be responsible for dispatching mobile auto glass repair technicians to the location of the policyholder or arranging appointments with approved repair shops.
  4. Billing and Payment: TPAs handle the billing and payment process, ensuring that the repair shop or vendor is compensated in most cases for their services, and that the policyholder's deductible is collected if applicable.
  5. Quality Control: They often have processes in place to monitor the quality of the repairs or replacements to ensure that the work meets industry standards and the insurer's requirements.
  6. Customer Service: TPAs typically provide customer service and support to policyholders, helping them navigate the claims process and addressing any questions or concerns.

By outsourcing these tasks to TPAs, insurance companies and other entities can streamline the claims process, reduce administrative overhead, and ensure a consistent and efficient handling of auto glass claims. This can lead to quicker and more cost-effective resolution of auto glass-related issues for policyholders and insurers alike.


Lynx Services TPA for State Farm®

TPA for State Farm Insurance is Lynx Services TPA for State Farm®.

Read more about Lynx Services TPA for State Farm®.
  1. Introduction:
    Regarding auto glass services in Houston, one name stands out for its exceptional quality, professional expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction: Lynx Services TPA for State Farm®. With a stellar reputation built over years of service, Lynx Services TPA for State Farm® has become a trusted partner for Houston residents in all their auto glass needs.

    Whether you require windshield repairs, replacements, or other glass-related services, Lynx Services TPA for State Farm® is dedicated to providing top-notch safety, efficiency, and affordability solutions.

  2. Unparalleled Expertise:
    Lynx Services TPA for State Farm® boasts a team of highly skilled customer service representatives with extensive knowledge and experience in auto glass repairs and replacements. Their expertise covers various vehicles, from cars and trucks to SUVs and commercial vehicles. Regardless of your vehicle's make, model, or year, Lynx Services TPA for State Farm®' CSRs have the know-how to handle the claim process efficiently and effectively.

  3. Windshield Repairs and Replacements:
    A damaged windshield is not only unsightly but also compromises the structural integrity of your vehicle. Lynx Services TPA for State Farm® understands the importance of prompt and precise repairs or replacements, depending on the severity of the damage. Whether a minor chip or a significant crack, Lynx Services TPA for State Farm® will evaluate the damage and provide the most suitable solution, considering safety, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

  4. Side and Rear Window Services:
    Besides windshields, Lynx Services TPA for State Farm® excels at finding a shop to repair or replace your side and rear windows. These windows contribute to your vehicle's overall stability and safety; any damage should be addressed promptly. The customer service representatives at Lynx Services TPA for State Farm® possess the expertise to handle various issues related to your claim process for State Farm Insurance.

    They ensure a seamless replacement or repair process by utilizing high-quality materials and adhering to stringent industry standards.

  5. Commitment to Customer Satisfaction:
    At Lynx Services TPA for State Farm®, customer satisfaction is the driving force behind everything they do. They are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience from the moment you contact them until the completion of the service.

    Their friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to answer your questions, provide accurate estimates, and guide you through the process. Furthermore, they prioritize transparency, ensuring you understand the damage's extent, the recommended solutions, and the associated costs.

  6. Conclusion:
    Regarding auto glass services in Houston, Lynx Services TPA for State Farm® has set the bar high with its unwavering commitment to excellence. Their team of skilled technicians, with cutting-edge tools and a customer-centric approach, ensures you receive the highest quality service every time.

    Whether you require windshield repairs, replacements, or any other auto glass services, Lynx Services TPA for State Farm® is the name you can trust for exceptional results. With their dedication to safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, Lynx Services TPA for State Farm® remains Houston's premier choice for auto glass services.



TPA for other major insurance companies through Safelite®Solutions.

Is Safelite®Solutions a TPAs too?
  1. Safelite®Solutions is a subsidiary of Safelite Group, a prominent company in the United States specializing in auto glass repair and replacement services. As part of Safelite Group, Safelite®Solutions focuses on providing claims management and third-party administration (TPA) services to insurance companies and other businesses, particularly in the auto glass and related industries. They play a crucial role in handling insurance claims related to auto glass damage and ensuring that the claims process is managed efficiently.

  2. Safelite®Solutions and Safelite Group work in tandem to streamline the process of handling auto glass-related insurance claims. They often leverage technology and innovation to improve claims management and offer a seamless experience for policyholders and insurance companies. This includes services like online claims reporting, appointment scheduling, and real-time updates to keep customers informed about the status of their claims and repairs.

  3. The primaryThe primary objective of Safelite®Solutions is to facilitate the claims process, ensuring that insurance claims related to auto glass damage are processed accurately and promptly. This allows insurance companies to provide their policyholders with the necessary support for repairing or replacing damaged auto glass.

  4. For the most current and detailed information about Safelite®Solutions and their specific services, visiting the official Safelite Group website or contacting them directly through their official communication channels is recommended. Please note that the company's services and operations may have evolved or changed since my last knowledge update in October 2023.


The Iron Triangle aka "Project Management Triangle" `What does OEE really mean?

Photo of the Project Management Triangle AKA Iron Triangle how it relates to auto glass replacement.

How does the "Iron Triangle" relates to the auto glass industry?

2 minute read:

Conundrum: "Good workmanship is not cheap, and cheap workmanship is not good."

Click here to read more of how the Iron Triangle relates to the auto glass industry. Pick Just Two:
  1.  Done Quickly 
  2.  Low Cost 
  3.  High Quality 
The results:
The Project Management Triangle
 Done Quickly  +  High  Quality    More  Expensive 
 Low Cost     +   Done Quickly   =   Low Quality 
 High Quality      +   Low Cost   =   Low Priority 

Door Glass Replacement

An experienced auto glass installer can install vans, trucks, and car door windows in under an hour in most cases, as this type of work is mostly mechanically. There are not too many short-cuts that would cause an unsatisfactory replacement. The door glass needs to move up and down after the installation. And, there should not be any rattling of broken glass inside the door panel either.

Front Windshield Replacements.

A front windshield replacement done correctly will take us 2.5 to 3-hours to complete, including the 30-minute safe drive-away time.

I've heard stories where people have had the front windshield installed between 30-minutes to an hour. They've had blue tape put on the windshield and then allowed to drive away.

  1. Ten minutes to meet and greet the client, show the client the windshield that will be installed, and answer any questions the client may have about the installation.
  2. Five minutes to inspect the vehicle, show the client what to expect after the windshield installation, confirm the part.
  3. Five minutes to prep the vehicle before removing the glass: cover the seat, cover the dash-board, cover the hood and fenders, and tape the edges of the body to protect the pain.
  4. Five minutes to remove the wipers and the cowl.
  5. If there are side A-pillar drip rail moldings, you can add 5 to 10 minutes on most non-luxury vehicles.
  6. Five minutes to remove the windshield.
  7. Five minutes to clean or dust the area where the windshield is set after removal.
  8. Five minutes to dry set the windshield to assure the fit and positioning.
  9. Five minutes to trim the old seal down to 5 cm thin.
  10. Five minutes to clean the pinchweld with filtered water.
  11. Five minutes to dry the pinchweld before primming it for nicks or scratches if needed.
  12. Five minutes to prep the new windshield and transfer the new stickers.
  13. Ten minutes to prime the glass and the body
  14. Ten minutes to allow the primer to dry and prep for the installation. Get urethane ready and suction cups positioned on the glass.
  15. Five minutes to lay urethane either on the body or glass and install the windshield.
  16. Ten minutes to tape the windshield and write up the invoice. Here at Able Auto Glass, we document the manufacture of the glass used, the DOT Number, and other numbers and letters on the glass to help distinguish the glass for future reference. When the glass was placed on the urethane, how long it will take before it is safe to drive, the temperature and humidity. We also make notation urethane's brand with the type, the glass primers, and pinchweld primer—the expiration date with lot numbers on all installation products used on the windshield replacement. Plus, the technician should write notes about the job on the invoice.
  17. Ten minutes to tape the windshield and write up the invoice. Here at Able Auto Glass, we document the manufacture of the glass used, the DOT Number, and other numbers and letters on the glass to help distinguish the glass for future reference. The glass was placed on the urethane, how long it will take before it is safe to drive, the temperature and humidity. We also make notation urethane's brand with the type, the glass primers, and pinchweld primer—the expiration date with lot numbers on all installation products used on the windshield replacement. Plus, the technician should write notes about the job on the invoice.
  18. Fifteen minutes to put the vehicle back together, clean the glass, check the windshield wiper placement, and windshield wiper sprayer works.
  19. Ten minutes to show the client the replacement, have them fill out the invoice, and check them out.

One hour and thirty minutes

This is not in the real world. There are so many variables that would make the scenario mentioned above longer to complete. A discussion we'll talk about later. We have some slideshows of previous windshield front windshield replacement for you to view.

Windshield Repair: Rock Chips and Long Cracks.

Clients have told us that other windshield repair companies have repaired their glass in ten or fifteen minutes.

A cheap and fast windshield repair doesn't typically mean you will have a quality windshield repair.

We won't brag about how fast we can repair your front windshield. Most rock chip repairs take about 30-minutes to an hour to repair. Make sure you see our prices above for windshield repair. While long crack repair will take about an hour to complete the repair process.

Is Price your main concern?

On Friday, November 27, 2020, a prospect called requesting a 2018 Mazda CX-5 windshield replacement quote. They requested the quote via a text message. While I was working up the windshield quote, they replied with two text messages:

"Best quote I've got so far is 185."

Then four minutes later.

"I now have a quote for 168."

I asked, "Is price your only consideration of a windshield replacement?"

The response was, "Price is the main factor, I'd say. Quality would be nice, but I'm not too sure about the variability between glasses."

I believe they meant to say, "variable differences between glasses." It can be tough to convince someone that is calling for a cheap auto glass price about quality. Maybe impossible, but keep in mind cheap labor + fast delivery = low quality.



Connect With Our Staff
Picture of Chris Hernandez with Able Auto Glass in Houston, TX
Chris Hernandez


Able Auto Glass
2403 Naomi Street Unit 10
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713-383-8055 x 102

     He is a 6th generation Texan, served 8 years in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and received an Honorable Discharge. Having 30 years experience repairing auto glass windshields and nearly 22 years installing different types of automobile auto glass.
My Interest: Camping & Fishing although I haven't been in awhile and of course installing auto glass.

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Able Auto Glass
Office Manager
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     She received a bachelor of science degree cum laude in business administration from the State University of New York College at Oswego. Deborah brings over 20 years of sales and management experience to Able Auto Glass. She previously worked for several Fortune 500 companies in the oil and gas industry, and the superalloy industry.

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