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Auto Glass Bugs


     This slide show has images of what we call in the auto glass industry "Bugs" which are labels imprinted or etched into the glass. They are typically located in the lower center or one of the corners of the glass. Bugs show the name of the auto glass manufacturer, date code and color codes that are proprietary information with each company. Another item that is located on the Bug is the DOT. This stands for Department of Transportation. Each auto glass manufacturer is assigned a number that indicates where the glass was made. The last company that touches the glass is typically the one that will place their Bug onto the auto glass. For example, if a windshield is made without a molding, it may be sent to another location to be applied and that facility will use their DOT number.

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     Today, we are seeing more USA auto glass companies hiring or partnering with Chinese auto glass manufacturers. On the Bug, there will be the USA OEM brand name but the DOT will indicate that the manufacturer was actually a Chinese company. Chinese glass manufacturers are making glass fit a lot better now than in the past. Several good examples are Benson and XYG (Xinyi). In these slides, we are showing two companies PGW (also know as PPG) and AP Tech. Both are using the same Chinese manufacturer with DOT 563 (SHENZHEN AUTOMOTIVE GLASS MANUFACTURING) located in Guangdong province, China.




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