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Do you want a Free EZ TAG?

Yes, you're entitled to up eight Free EZ TAGs at no cost. With a current Harris County Toll Road Authority Account, including replacements from a new front windshield here at Able Auto Glass. After that, they will only cost $2.00 each. Click here for more information. The link opens in a new window.




















Video: Removing an EZ Tag

"Saving an EZ Tag from the old windshield and placing on the new windshield".

    By Chris Hernandez with Able Auto Glass in Houston, TX. We are going to remove this EZ-TAG while using a heat gun to heat the windshield up. I just heated the windshield up before turning the camera on. Using a sharp razor blade around the edges to loosen the adhesive. This windshield was hit by a baseball at Rice University parking lot. The windshield is very hot. We don't suggest you to do this at home. Unless you want to get the tips of your fingers burned. Okay what I am doing now is bending the corners inward and folding the EZ-TAG.

    I am going to walk over to the windshield, the other windshield that it will be placed on. Placing it on here and smoothing it out evenly. That is it on saving on EZ-TAG here at Able Auto Glass in Houston, TX.


   Thank you for watching.

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